Here at Skin Bliss, we provide Vegan, decadent skin care with natural ingredients. We provide premier, home-made beauty products that will improve the overall condition of your skin and are easy to add to your skin care regimen.  With natural and simple ingredients like shea butter, coconut oils, and cocoa butter with qualities that rejuvenate, hydrate and improve the elasticity of the skin, Skin Bliss provides luxury products that are remedy based. Our products have been proven to minimize the appearance of scars, blemishes, and stretch marks, alleviate the dryness of eczema, and tone skin. In just a short amount of time, our customers have seen their skin transform from dry and temperamental to repaired, soft, vibrant, and luminous. It’s important to us that we uphold the Vegan tradition and do not test our products on animals or use any animal byproducts, chemicals, parabens, or toxins. Each body frosting and every scrub is made by hand with even the most sensitive skin in mind. All things aside, Skin Bliss includes the most important ingredient of all in each product, love. Just like the food from your loved one’s kitchen, Skin Bliss is made with love and our customers are the soul of our purpose. It is our hope that we not only enrich your cleansing and moisturizing routine, but that we inspire you to embrace Vegan beauty products. Welcome to our site, and enjoy!

-Skin Bliss Team


  • Washington, DC
  • www.skin-bliss.com
  • orders@skin-bliss.com

Opening hours

  • Monday:
    9 AM- 8PM
  • Tuesday:
    9 AM- 8PM
  • Wednesday:
    9 AM- 8PM
  • Thurstday:
    9 AM- 8PM
  • Friday:
    9 AM- 8PM
  • Saturday:
    9 AM- 8PM
  • Sunday:
    9 AM- 8PM


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