Three Kings Chicago

In the streets of the Southside of Chicago resided 3 young men with a vision for high-quality fashion influenced by the unique and creative lifestyle of Chicago streetwear. Euro-stepping the hype-beast nature within the fashion culture, these 3 fostered the idea to “make and wear our own clothes”; a one-of-one type thing, With this, the founding garments of what soon became known as Three Kings Chicago, began to gain popularity an significant demand within Chicago. Thus, a business was made out of it.

It is and will always be the goal of Three Kings to provide high-quality fashion and style with a meaning and purpose. At it’s core, Three Kings aims to empower, inspire and motivate the beautiful people of this world so that we may realize that we are ALL kings and queens.


  • 1919 North 3rd Street, Saint Charles, MO 63301, USA
  • (773) 972-0605
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