Pierre’s Caribbean Secrets

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Pierre’s Caribbean Secrets is a unisex haircare and skincare line that is designed for both multi-cultural men and women to enhance and nourish their hair and skin. Pierre’s Caribbean Secrets’ cosmetics uses remedies that originated in the Caribbean in order to give customers desirable results. These remedies are equipped with organic ingredients including essential vitamins and nutrients specifically designed to make both your hair and skin look and feel healthy. Visit our website to find your secret!


Other Information

Products::  Curly Creme Conditioner
Price::  $15 8oz Bottles| $8 4oz Bottles


  • Washington, DC
  • 856.701.9872
  • Caribbeansecrets23@gmail.com
  • Pierrescs.com

Opening hours

  • Monday:
    24 Hours
  • Tuesday:
    24 Hours
  • Wednesday:
    24 Hours
  • Thurstday:
    24 Hours
  • Friday:
    24 Hours
  • Saturday:
    24 Hours
  • Sunday:
    24 Hours
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