Gingerbread Trimmings

Hand crafted decorations for your tailor made holidaze

Launched in the fall of 2016 by Howard University Alumna, Evelyn Cooke, Gingerbread Trimmings is a holiday shop specializing in hand crafted decorations for all occasions.  Each product is made with a personal touch and lots of love thanks to Evelyn and her shops little helper, Mr. Brown Sugar, who has enough personality and creativity to warm any heart.

Inspired by cultures from around the world, Gingerbread Trimmings incorporates rich African print fabrics, unique Japanese origami and so much more within designs.



In addition to having a passion for bringing a personal and loving touch to your holiday decor, members of the GT family take extra pride in knowing proceeds from the shop go towards the growth of the Evelyn Cooke Dream Big Scholarship Program.  This program has been providing financial support and mentoring to minority high school seniors since 2014.  Currently serving a local need, with your support, we hope to expand to reach minority students nationally and internationally!




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