Dash Coordinating & Marketing, LLC

DASH Advertisemet - Full PageDash Coordinating & Marketing, LLC is a marketing boutique that offers customized branding and business development services to clients throughout the world.

Our services include:

  • Promotional Event Planning
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Development
  • Business Development Consulting
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Development
  • Commercial/Event Photography
  • Commercial/Event Videography
  • IT/ Help Desk Services
  • Specialized Workshops/Seminars


DASH’s clientele falls within various industries ranging between non-profit organizations, for-profit business and government agencies. We spearhead branding overhauls for our clients to increase their performance, brand appeal and profitability. Our work permeates our company culture of passion, dedication, determination, and perseverance. We pursue only the best in the industry in what we offer and treasure the level of intimate interaction we hold with our clients, throughout each step of our business relationship.

DASH stands alone as a marketing boutique with a 90% referral rate because of our unique ability to leverage our brand across multiple industries. DASH produces quality services through our marketing expertise and design knowledge to bring to life visual concepts through the eyes of our clients. Our personalized boutique services give DASH the brand differential of large marketing agencies by strategically positioning our services, with a maximum ROI for our clients. Our customizable marketing packages are affordable with any budget. A taste of luxury goes a long way with DASH. In the end, it is the value we deliver not the service alone that makes the difference!

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  • Washington, DC
  • 218-833-2741
  • info@dashmarketingllc.com
  • www.DashMarketingLLC.com
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